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MapleStory SEA Edit

June 2005 Edit

Mark of MapleSEA
GM Event Preview @ Orchard
MapleSEA Most Humourous Screenshot Event
lMapleSEA Most Humorours Screenshot Winners Result
Invitation Details for Invited Guest

July 2005 Edit

August 2005 Edit

AugustHighlight GM Event @ Aquila and Bootes
Monsters are COMING!
Monster Attack — The Aftermath !
Monster Attack B

October 2005 Edit

Best Screenshot with GM Contest
MapleSEA Best Screenshot with GM Result
Malaysia MOL e-Points

November 2005 Edit

Best MapleSEA Comic Strip
MapleSEA Best Comic Strip Winners Result
Play@Innovation with Republic Poly
Guess who's coming to PLAY?
Snowboards for Winter! Launching of Guild System in MapleSEA
POPULAR Play and Win Promotion
POPULAR Play and Win - Nov Winners!

December 2005 Edit

Aquila and Bootes celebrates Xmas!
Cassiopeia GM Event Munera!
MapleSEA Best Xmas SS Contest
Best Xmas 05 SS Contest Winners Result
Xmas Highlights!
Chu Seok Event Preview
Launch of New World - Cassiopeia the new frontier
Limited Edition X'mas A-Cash out now! Christmas Comes Early

January 2006 Edit

Hari Raya Haji Istimewa!
MapleSEA Best Guild SS Contest
Welcome, Cai Shen!
3rd Job Advancement Guide
A-Cash Purchase Available At S.A.M

February 2006 Edit

Prosperity Treasure Hunt
Valentine's Beach Buzz
Maple Island A-Cash Card out now in Singapore!
Will you marry me?
Ga-Cha! Gachapon!

March 2006 Edit

VaVaVoom! Updates
VaVaVoom Automath
MapleSEA Most Humorous Screenshot Contest II
Introducing the SuperBeginner!
SuperBeginner Event
Big Splash with next patch
Paper Stand Splashes into Stores 14/03
Paper Stand (More Stores Available)
No More Redemption Hassles!
Henesys A-Cash Card out now in Singapore and Malaysia!
Swimming Aids Drop Event

April 2006 Edit

Comics Connection Lucky Draw Winners!
No more lost Equips

May 2006 Edit

MapleSEA FanArt Contest II Join in the Popular Book Festival

June 2006 Edit

+–×÷ MANoob
MapleSEA 1st Anniversary Celebration
MapleSEA Congratulatory Message
Growing With MapleSEA
Singapore GM Event Preview!
Malaysia MapleSEA Carnival
Singapore MapleSEA Birthday Bash!

July 2006 Edit

Icy Challenge (GM Event)!
Maple HangMan Event!
MapleSEA Best Forum Siggy Contest II

August 2006 Edit

OG Play and Win!

Sept. 2006 Edit

Maple School Term Break Event
Alien Strikes Back!

Nov. 2006 Edit

Sabah Surprise @ Kota Kinabalu
Trio Bandana event in Delphinus

Dec. 2006 Edit

Happy Ville, here we come!
MapleSEA Best X'mas Screenshot Contest 2006
MapleSEA GM Snow Ball Event! HoHoHo!
Rescheduled GM Snowball Event in Aquila
Ola Ola on the way!

Jan. 2007 Edit

Extension of Delphinus Trio Bandana Event
Get your Super Snowboard today!
Dedicate your love through MapleSEA this Valentine's Day!

Feb. 2007 Edit

MapleSEA Lunar Happiness 2007 @ PCBunk
AsiaSoft Treats @ Lenovo Roadshow, Vivocity
Love is in the Air! Express Yourself With A Heart Balloon!
Great Prosperity Hunt 2007

Mar. 2007 Edit

Gamers Love Sports campaign launch
MapleSEA Code Breakers Event
MapleSEA Bubble Blab Contest
MapleSEA Auction Event
Annihilate the Crimsons!

Apr. 2007 Edit

MapleSEA Hide & Seek Event
Gamers Loves Sports: Go Kartin'
MapleSEA Equipment Creation FanArt Contest
MapleSEA ManHunt & Beauty Pageant

May 2007 Edit

MapleSEA U in Penang

Jun. 2007 Edit

MapleSEA 2nd Anniversary @ Suntec City Tropics Atrium
Summer Holiday Events
MapleSEA 2nd Anniversary @ Cineleisure Damansara

Jul. 2007 Edit

SG Localized Boss Mob Fan-Art Design Contest
Maple Big Challenge Event

Aug. 2007 Edit

SG Exclusive Map Launch Events
SG & MY Independence Day Quest
Maoster Mascot Design Contest
Math Maniac 2 Event

Sept. 2007 Edit

Mid-Autumn Festival Event!
MapleSEA Children Day Event!

Oct. 2007 Edit

"Look Like Be Like" Contest
Hari Raya Puasa Festival Event
MapleSEA Fashion Costume Contest

Nov. 2007 Edit

MapleSEA FanArt Contest
MapleSEA Deepavali "Ola Ola" Event

Dec. 2007 Edit

MapleSEA "Ultimate Codebreaker" Event
MapleSEA "Double Trouble" Event
Gamers Score
MapleSEA Hari Raya Haji Event
MapleSEA "Hit the Snowball" GM Event
New Year MapleSEA Poster-Calendar Redemption!
MapleSEA New Year Auction Event

Jan. 2008 Edit

MapleSEA Friendship Day E-Card Design Forum Contest
Great Prosperity Hunt 2008

Feb. 2008 Edit

MapleSEA Best Forum Siggy Contest III
MapleSEA " My Darling, My Love" GM Hunt Event
Blast Your Creativity
AsiaSoft Redemption Bonanza

Mar. 2008 Edit

MapleSEA March School Holiday " Big Challenge"
Monster Trouble in MapleSEA!
MapleSEA April Fools "Treat or Trick" Event

June. 2008 Edit

Jun. 2008 Edit

MapleSEA Battle Royal
MapleSEA Monster Showdown
[1] MapleSEA 3rd Year Anniversary