Dungeon Master is a game, released by FTL Games for the Atari ST in 1987, and later ported to the Commodore Amiga, PC, SNES, Apple IIgs, X68000, PC-9801 and FM Towns. Although it was a first person, tile-based game, which was nothing new at the time, it received much attention and praise for the level of detail offered, and for being arguably the first real-time first person CRPG. It won numerous awards, and left a legacy including two sequels, as well as triggering a wave of similar games from competitors.


The basic plot implies that you are Theron, apprentice to the great wizard Grey Lord, but left formless after an accident when Grey attempted to fuse two artifacts together, the Power Gem and the Firestaff. Waking after a year, you find that the previously balanced Grey Lord has become split into two entities, Lord Librasulus - the restorer of Order - and Chaos. Librasulus commands you to retrieve the Firestaff and return it to him at the dungeon's entrance, so that he can join it with the Power Gem and use its power to defeat Chaos. Unable to interact with your environment, you can merely control a group of up to four (from a choice of sixteen) heroes, initially trapped in a near-death state in mirrors at the entrance.